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  • Croydon Arts Store Unit 46/47 & 1046/1048 Trinity Court, Whitgift Shopping Centre, Croydon CR01UQ (map)

Samantha Penn will undertake a series of interventions in the Research Space and across the Whitgift shopping centre challenging our shared sense of how goods, materials and ideas move through the Whitgift. Samantha’s practice based research explores and expands our sense of systems and structures and uses mechanic and bureaucratic systems  as a starting points for experimental structures which incorporate skill-sharing, critical thinking and learning. Through this process Sam hopes to reveal insights into the way people and machines work together are uncovered. Using a Arduino wifi shield connect to a simple chat server Samantha hopes to create a reservoir where CAS partners and users of the Whitgift centre will be able to leave comments, thoughts and reflections, encouraging a conversation about the types of knowledge is passing through the space.