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  • Unit 46/47 & 1046/1048 Trinity Court, Whitgift Shopping Centre, Croydon CR01UQ (map)

The Croydon Arts Store seeks to explore the tensions which exist between the intended and unintended consequences of integrating an arts based approach into place-making and wider regeneration within Croydon. Whilst examining alternative means of commissioning, authoring and funding public art that could be deployed in the borough.

 What is the role of public art? How is it related to place-making? Is the processes undertaken by public artists to inform, create, and exhibit there work of more value than the simple act of installing a piece art in a public setting? Is all public art political? Do we understand the role that public art has in changing the areas it exists within?  What motivates the current stakeholders in Croydon’s public art programme? What is the future of this programme? How can this programme be a part in increasing arts engagement and community ownership in the borough?

 By asking communities to engage with public art can we encourage people to engage with their high streets? Can public art help to build a sense of community and belonging that welcomes the public and encourages them to spend more time in public spaces?

 These questions will inform a discussion with the various stakeholders in the Croydon public art landscape. An alternative approach to creating public art will be presented by Pea Proposals, a public art research group founded by Sarah Staton and Demelza Watts.

Open to the public