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  • Unit 46/47 & 1046/1048 Trinity Court, Whitgift Shopping Centre, Croydon CR01UQ (map)

‘Can social and community benefits be uniquely delivered by an artist led platform?’

 In line with the ongoing research project being undertaken by the four partners organisations, the Croydon Arts Store is inviting three artist collectives, PACTO, Sandwich & HUTT, to work in the Research Space to address the research question outlined above.

 Each collective will lead a day of workshops, which will be open to the public, where they will use their diverse artistic approaches and practices to unpick the role that artist lead platforms have in undertaking work that benefits local communities. The three days of activity at the CAS will result in the creation of a short run publication that will contain notes, images, diagrams, photos and texts from the workshops themselves and materials inspired by the ideas and processes revealed within the sessions.