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[RESEARCH] Frameworks for Croydon's cultural future: exploring infrastructure needs for arts access

  • Unit 46/47 & 1046/1048 Trinity Court Whitgift Shopping Centre Croydon CR01UQ (map)

Frameworks for Croydon's cultural future: exploring infrastructure needs for arts access

 The Croydon Arts Store seeks to ask - what are the benefits to wider society of ensuring local artists are able to practice within close proximity to central Croydon and what type of infrastructure do they require?

Communities face many challenges in the places we live from access to opportunities, education, healthcare to experiencing daily discrimination and exclusion. Any of these challenges would benefit from a creative mind or an artist’s approach to help find a happier solution. Are there ways we can help socially engaged practice connect artists more deeply with their communities? Can partnering local citizens and artists lead to innovative solutions to dealing with today’s challenges? Important to this way of practicing isn’t about positioning artists as external consultants that are parachuted-in to provide ready-made fixes, but as neighbours that are embedded within their communities and the rich understanding and relationships that creates.

 What are the challenges facing local artists who actively engage with societal and communities’ issues through their practice? How can be ensure we establish robust infrastructure for artists to operate locally and be justly compensated for their skills and contribution?

This event will be a roundtable discussion looking to address some of the questions outlined above. The event will be audio recorded.