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[LOFT x Art Press] Divine Repurpose


Launch Party - Saturday 3rd November, 2-4pm
then open 4th-11th November, Weds-Sun 11am-5pm


Divine Re-purpose is the first exhibition by Art Press, a collective of young artists working with Turf Projects in Croydon. 

Art Press members are Joseph, Enoch, Phoebe L, Gudrun, Pinkxbrains, Ashley, Tenisha, Louise, Olivia, Fatwima, Phoebe R, Katrina, Jojo, Saayiz, Khateeja, Aaliyah, Mia and Zoe.

The work in Divine Repurpose has been made in monthly workshops at Turf Projects. This year, Art Press have worked with artists and creatives including Jess Nash, Charlie Reed, Deborah Findlater, Eunice Dickinson, Sophie Blagden and Pigbaby.