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[LOFT x HUTT Collective] Ephemeral Care

Ephemeral Care vol.1 cover.png

This year for ArtLicks weekend, Croydon Arts Store brings together eight grassroots projects under one roof to explore themes of collaboration, friendship, support, exchange and care.

HUTT Collective present Ephemeral Care, a listening/reading event reflecting on how digital and spaceless projects engage with an economy of care and how those processes can develop and improve. With HUTT moving to this model in the coming months this serves as research for us in how we can best continue to provide some element of care to those we work with despite working on more ephemeral platforms. At the same time this research will be made available as a PDF on our website as a resource for other spaces facing a similar predicament. The Ephemeral Care PDF will be launched at the event on Thursday 4th October.