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[LOFT] Faces Places/Places Faces

Artists Louise Gough and Craig Hepworth hold a mirror up to their home towns in this exhibition that encourages the viewer to question what is home, why we are passionate about it, and ultimately what makes us care? 

Photographer, artist and local Croydon resident, Louise Gough, is passionate about architecture and keeping a watch on the significant changes of the surrounding urban concrete landscape. Craig Hepworth studies the human form, drawing people in their environment. He is often seen in his local Tooting pub with a pen and sketch book in hand studying the faces that make up his town.

With significant change taking place at a phenomenal rate in Croydon – catching up with the growth in Tooting – the two artists explore how their home towns are evolving. Through photography and drawing, they take each others subject matter and explore the places and faces of each others home towns.

Moving outside of each others comfort zone, they step into each others shoes and explore their chosen subject matter and experience what makes up each town from a personal and outsiders point of view. What does the outsider see but the local miss? What does the local love, but the outsider loath? Is it the faces and places that make up where we live – whatever lens we look through?


About Louise Gough:

Architecture has always been a recurring theme in Louise’s photography. How these complex series of shapes, layers and surfaces create a unique piece of work within the frame provides an endless source for her artwork. As a local Croydon resident she is witnessing first hand the substantial change taking place at phenomenal rate with !960’s buildings being refurbished and is passionate about the history.

Instagram: @goughphotography


About Craig Hepworth:

Craig focusses his attention on studies of the human figure in relation to their environment. Often in biro in a pub, but also in a life room exploring different media. He studied Fine Art at Coventry University.

Instagram: @biroboyblog