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[LOFT] Embodiment Now

  • The Croydon Arts Store Unit 46/47 Trinity Court, Whitgift Centre Croydon, England, CR0 1UP United Kingdom (map)


Opening evening // Thursday 30th November 17:00-20:00

Subsequently open 11:00-17:00 Wednesday - Sunday until Wednesday December 6th

curated by Honor Ash in association with London Queer Artist Network

Showcasing the work of six queer artists working with the moving image in an immersive installation, Embodiment  Now invites you to consider each individual in relation to the other, and confront themes running through disparate queer experiences of the world. Occupying a space oft-relegated to the ‚other‘, this rejection from mainstream cultures forms a coherent image. Although each artist works independently, there are themes which litter the work of each, even apparent in pieces which do not expressly address queerness.  

M. Lombardi - „a performance“  
Duration 6 minutes 59 seconds  
M. Lombardi’s piece „a performance“ is a critique on gender stereotypes within the Western business world. Taking  
on the persona of the businessman, Lombardi explores ideas of gendered power inequalities and an ongoing class  
system. Lombardi employs concepts of psychogeography and gender performance to explore this notion.  

FC Izaac - „Untitled (act like you know what’s happening)“  
Duration: 4 minutes 38 seconds  
FC Izaac’s piece is inspired by gay foam parties; exploring the sensuality, masculinity and sexual euphemism of  foam, as well as the psychological effects of app hook-up culture which is popular with many young gay men. The video features audio from George Michael’s 1998 ‘coming out’ interview (after he was baited by undercover police  
while trying to hook-up). Izaac is interested in gay history, hypermasculinity and homoeroticism.  

Taylor Ellis - „Time goes by, so slowly“  
3 minutes 51 seconds  
Taylor Ellis (Also known as Ellie H) is a video based installation artist and sex worker who experiments with  performance within online personas. Through her practice she attempts to explore the identity she wears online as  both her personal and cam girl personalities. This installation sees an influx of imagery which was acquired over the  
recent months, presenting an overwhelming and eerie exploration into video game nostalgia and identity.  

Mandisa Apena - „hold your own hand in the dark“  
6 minutes 30 seconds  
Occupying the spaces between visual art, poetry and sound art, 'hold your own hand in the dark’ wanders through  the everyday fear of existing. Mandisa Apena holds every interaction under a dark panphobic anxiety, a reflection of  the lens of fear being skewed from mental illness.  

Queen of Uncool - „Over & Over - Madonna - Queen Of Uncool cover“  
Duration 2 minutes 24 seconds  
Queen of Uncool has a longstanding music-based practice. ‚Over & Over‘ is self-explanatory - a cover of Madonna’s  1984 track with accompanying video, highlighting the fun and excess of the 80s.   

Honor Ash - „i’ll believe in you if you save me now“   
Duration 4 minutes 25 seconds  
Emerging from a long term fascination with text and hand-written language, Honor Ash explores the relationship between the hand and the body. Working frequently with found sentences, Ash manipulates the formal qualities of the text to determine what role format plays in how words are received.  

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